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Do you believe "Love at the first sight"?
Be honest, I really don't know.
But I believe to love someone is to have the certain understanding on her,
especially in individuality. Not just a feeling in the beginning.

First time when I touched dance then I love it till now
And I do believe, it is my favorite thing in my life.

Remembered in the beginning, I didn't know how to dance, it's a mess.
Every class was a nightmare to me.
For some reasons, I didn't give up and chose to stay.
Maybe it's because of the magic of the music and the dancing steps?
Or maybe I understand that once I quit, I will never get it.

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I like black coffee, no sugar no milk/cream.
It's a little bit bitter, but this is what it should be.
Sometimes we will hide our real nature,
Just like we hide the bitter by adding the sugar/milk/cream.


我喜歡喝黑咖啡, 沒有糖沒有牛奶沒有奶精.
它有一點點苦, 但是這就是它應該有的味道.

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Long time no see!! You are all the same, So am I.  Hahaha!!
Just a year and half, outside may be the same but inside may be different....

Lorien :
I am so happy that you find your Mr. Right.
He is a nice person, I think.   Your love is touching and hurt my eyes. 

Randolph :
You are still funny and full of knowledge.  It will take time but I really need to learn from you.
You always teach me how to "make a friend, and be brave!"  

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There is a mountain in front of my home, I always like to go mountain climbing in the weekend.

I knew her in the mountain about 9 years when she was a doggy.

Her name is "white"

( Not "WHITE". You know, in Taiwan we always like to name the pet according to their color of fur. )

She had a younger sister called "yellow", but she was missing after I knew them about 1 year. ~>"<~

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Have a lot of money to buy something you like,

Have the power to control anything.

Do they mean happiness? Maybe, I'm not sure.

But...... have you ever thought?

When the weather is so cold, very cold,

have a hot meal or even a hot glass of water ( Of course, it must be HOT! ^^" ),

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I will pass government exam this year(2005) and believe I can make it!!! ( Seriously... )

Still remembered when I was enlisted for military service, life was hard and time was limited.

In order to make good use of the military life, I studied hard during the early hours of the day and on holidays.

Maybe God had pity on my efforts and earnest, I passed the entrance exam of my desirous school during the military service.

Now I'm working, but I think I still can have chances to study.

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My friends and I ate out yesterday.
Something special in that place was the resident performer.
It's my first time to enjoy the meal and the performance at the same hour!
The resident performer was a girl and played on two kinds of musical instrument -- piano & electrical piano.

It seemed there was only piano on her world even though the environment was so noisy.
When the noisiness was higher, she played low;
when the noisiness was lower, she played loud.
It looked like she knew how to control the atmosphere in a better state.

She was playing seriously and fluently, with her beautiful melody, I felt comfortable!

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If have a fear of heights, you go to the top of the building!
If you're afraid of bugs..... get a bug. Right.

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I had graduated from university for 6 months.
Before I left school, I had a plan in the future --- A Master degree or A job.
The Master degree might be my latest educational background.
Only NTU could be my aspiration, because it's the best one and it's nearby my home.

But I failed the entrance exam of NTU.
I just could look for a job and hoped in 2005 I'll come back!
After I got my first salary(It's my first job!), I thought about my future again.
Is it necessary to get Master degree?
If so, is it necessary to study in daytime?
Maybe I can study at nighttime.

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It's a very very miserable day in the world at December 26.
Up to now, the confirmed death toll from the massive tsunami that devastated much of South Asia's coastline passed 55,000.
How terrible the scenes showed in TV !!!
More over 1/3 people who dead in this disaster were under 18 years old!
I'll donate charitable institution some money which is for new year cost.
Yes, it's a little bit help.
But if every one do that, it'll become powerful!
Never look down on your little money and just do it!

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In the Christmas Eve, My friends and me ate big meal at flagship of Jogoya(上闔屋).

After big meal, we took a picture with the large-sized pneumatic doll and the trees which had a variety of colors.

Finally we gone to Maokong(貓空) to see beautiful night view and play card.

It's a funny night!

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These days I met some problems in my job.

It puzzled me so much because I didn't have any idea.

In the beginning, I felt sad and the time I stayed at office was longer than usual.

I found some clues everyday, but the new problems occurred.

It was interesting just like the jigsaw, try to find which one will be put in correct place.

Finally, it'll be completed!

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In my third year of university, I hoped I could work on big companies such as Foxconn, ASUS, BenQ in the future.

I wanted to learn lots of professional knowledge & skills.

Six months before graduation, I changed my idea.

Because I wouldn't like this kind of life ------ When I wake up, I work. There are

only two things in my world, Work & Sleep.

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I like singing, sometimes I would like to write lyrics.
Only singing won't satisfy me, what my dream is: singing and playing musical instruments by myself.

I've ever thought about a Guitar or an Electric Piano be my major.
Finally I chosen an Electric Piano, because it has more performances than a Guitar.
I bought an secondhand Electric Piano from a girl study at NTU and it's a nice one.

I met some problems in the beginning such as I can not play on both hands.
And my fingers is too short so that I can not play over two tunes if the distance is too far.
But I think it's okay, "Where there's a will, there's a way."

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I knew a guy in the University, he has an excellent ability & knowledge in the major. Maybe the people I know is not a lot, but I believe he is one of the BEST in the world!This year, he entered a famous graduate school via recommend exam. If he want, he can have a good performance during the two years.After he graduated, he can entered a good company and get a good position & salary.

But..... he decided to suspend his graduate schooling. He spent one year to do this difficult decision and I believe nobody can understood more than him. He said "I know some of you had expected that I can achieve something. Maybe! For now, I want to be myself! ".

I agree with his decision. Today, most of people think that they have to finish their education until Master or even Doctor degree. They think if they have higher education, they can get more money & good job.Yes, maybe it right! But, have you ever thought: Is it the way you really want? Are you really happy? Many people spend many time to finish their education, they know nothing, unhappy, but they have to do!It's not totally their wrong, The Education System in Taiwan has to sustain the responsibility.

For my friend, I believe maybe there are 99% people will say " it's a pity! ". But I also believe if someone spend a lots time to think himself/herself, he/her will be happy!
Hope all of you can be yourself!
Go for it!

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Name: Barry
Gender: Male
Age: 25 years old
Place of Birth: Taipei County, Taiwan
Education: Bachelor of Science in Engineering, NTUST
Interests: Go swimming, play KB, sing, surf internet, mountain climbing
(Sometimes write simple program, compose lyric)
What I want to learn: Dance, Magic
Goal: Travel around the world
Motto: Never Give Up!

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